Hanson Aggregates Southeast LLC - Anderson Quarry

Hanson Aggregates Southeast, LLC (Hanson) has applied to DHEC to modify its mine operating permit for the Anderson Quarry located at 1413 Hayes Road in Anderson, SC (TMS#1530009018).  Hanson has requested the permit modification to expand its existing granite mining operation into a current storage area and add new acreage for overburden/stockpile storage.  If approved, this modification would increase the current affected acreage of the mine by approximately 20 acres.  A modified reclamation plan to restore the site to a pond and grassland has been submitted with the application. 

This webpage has been developed by DHEC as a community resource and will be updated as new information is made available. 


DHEC’s Bureau of Land and Waste Management (BLWM) received an application from Hanson to modify the mine operating permit on October 19, 2021. The BLWM placed the application on public notice and began accepting comments in March 2022. The public notice was published in the Independent Mail newspaper in Anderson on March 8, 2022, and again on March 15, 2022. The public notice was also mailed to adjacent landowners, local and state government/regulatory agencies, and other interested parties.   

A public meeting was requested and held by DHEC to discuss the application and answer questions. Notice of the public meeting was published in the Independent Mail newspaper on July 10, 2022, and again on July 15, 2022. The public comment period was extended and remained open through August 17, 2022. 

The application to modify the mine operating permit and other information being considered in the BLWM permitting process are available below: 

How to Submit Comments 

The extended public comment period for the proposed expansion has closed. 

A final decision on the mine operating permit application will not be made until after review of all written comments received through August 17, 2022. 

Additional Information 

Questions about the quarry, proposed modification, or DHEC’s mine permitting process may be directed to: 

Sarah Harris, Project Manager
DSWM - Mining & Reclamation Section  
DHEC Bureau of Land and Waste Management (BLWM)  
2600 Bull Street  
Columbia, SC 29201  
Phone: (803) 898-3887
Email: harrissl@dhec.sc.gov  

Impact of Public Comments in DHEC’s Permitting Process 

DHEC values all comments made during the public comment period. Local community members provide a unique perspective and are valuable resources in addressing community concerns in the permitting process.  Becoming better informed is an important first step in providing effective public comments that may influence specific terms and conditions that must be followed by the owner/operator if a permit is issued.  

Effective comments are those that provide accurate, specific details about the site of a proposed project, inaccuracies in the permit application, errors in DHEC’s technical review or draft permit, and any other information demonstrating that a proposed project cannot operate in compliance with environmental regulations.   

It is important to understand that DHEC cannot make a permit decision based on a vote or how many comments are received. There are also some common issues/comments related to mining operations that DHEC does not have the regulatory or legal authority to consider when making a permit decision, for instance:     

  • Truck traffic, access to public roads, weight limits, and traffic patterns are governed by the South Carolina Department of Transportation and the local county. 
  • Industrial development and operating hours are governed by the local county through zoning and land use planning. 

Beginning a conversation early about these and other quality of life issues is an effective way for communities to work together with local government officials, their legislative delegation, mining representatives, and other interested parties to find solutions and reach common goals. 

Public Meeting 

DHEC held a public meeting to discuss the proposed modification/expansion of the Anderson Quarry on August 2, 2022, at 6:30 pm, in the cafeteria of Flat Rock Elementary School at 115 Thompson Road in Anderson. The public meeting was an opportunity to have an informal discussion with DHEC staff prior to a final permit decision being made. 

The meeting began with a presentation on the mine application and environmental permitting process, followed by a discussion with DHEC staff that included questions and answers. DHEC's presentation from the meeting is available below. DHEC’s drinking water well survey was discussed during the meeting. This well survey is voluntary and is used to collect information about private drinking water wells in the area.  This baseline information is used if an assessment of any potential impacts from the mine operation is needed in the future. The well survey is available for download below.  Residents who are interested in submitting their private well information should complete the form and submit it to the attention of Sarah Harris using the contact information above.

What to Expect After the Public Comment Period Closes 

Written comments on the mine operating permit application were accepted through August 17, 2022. DHEC is currently reviewing all written comments received and determine if any modifications need to be made to the mine operating permit application. Additional information is also being provided by the applicant. Once the review is complete, DHEC will make a decision to approve or deny the proposed modification. DHEC’s final decision will be made available on this webpage and to everyone on DHEC’s mailing list.  If the modification is approved, a summary response to all comments received will also be made available.

Stay Connected - Community Engagement & Resources 

DHEC is committed to providing meaningful ways to hear the questions and concerns of community members and share information on our permitting processes.  DHEC offers multiple ways to connect with our staff during the permitting process and beyond, including: 

  • Call or connect with DHEC staff to discuss the Anderson Quarry one-on-one. 
  • Submit a written question by mail or by email. 
  • Receive additional information by email or mail. 
  • Visit this webpage for information and updates. 
  • Be informed about mining issues. 

Additionally, we hope the following information provides a better understanding of quarry operations and DHEC’s decision-making process:  

Please visit the Industry Notebook: Quarry Operations for additional information about quarry operations and how they are regulated. For more information on current or previous sites of public interest, visit DHEC’s Environmental Sites, Projects & Permit of Interest webpage. 

DHEC encourages residents to ask questions and share information with us. Staying engaged in our process helps us to learn more about your community! 

Questions about community engagement in DHEC’s permitting process may be directed to: 

Donna Moye, Public Participation Coordinator 
DHEC Bureau of Land and Waste Management 
Phone: (803) 898-1382 
Email: moyedd@dhec.sc.gov 

Local DHEC Contacts 

To speak with local DHEC staff about any environmental issue or concern in the Anderson area, please contact our Upstate Regional Environmental Affairs Office in Anderson at (864) 260-5585