Santee Cooper – Winyah Generating Station

Santee Cooper Winyah Generating Station Public Hearing

DHEC’s Bureau of Water will hold an in-person public hearing on January 18, 2024 at 6:30 PM to accept oral comments on the reissuance of a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit for the South Carolina Public Service Authority (SCPSA) Winyah Generating Station.  Additional information about the hearing can be found below.


The South Carolina Public Service Authority (SCPSA)(Santee Cooper) Winyah Generating Station (WGS) is a coal-fired electric power generating station located at 661 Steam Plant Drive, Georgetown, SC, 29440, in Georgetown, County. WGS began operation in 1975.   

WGS is permitted to discharge treated wastewater to Turkey Creek (to Pennyroyal Creek to the Sampit River) and to the North Santee River under NPDES permit SC0022471 issued by DHEC on January 7, 2008 and expired on July 31, 2011. The facility continues to operate under the existing administratively-continued permit which sets monitoring requirements and pollutant limits, as necessary, on the effluent from the wastewater treatment system. Flow, pH, total suspended solids (TSS), oil & grease, temperature, arsenic, copper, manganese, thallium, nickel, selenium, total residual chlorine (TRC), whole effluent toxicity (WET), and free available chlorine are currently monitored in the permit.  

WGS submitted an application for reissuance of their NPDES permit, and the Department has drafted a new draft NPDES permit in accordance with this request and applicable regulations. The draft permit, DHEC's rationale for the proposed permit limitations, and the permit application are available at the links below.  

In addition to setting effluent monitoring requirements and pollutant limits, the new draft NPDES permit would also require continued groundwater monitoring at the site. Nine wells would be monitored for metals (arsenic, cadmium, chromium, and selenium), total dissolved solids, turbidity, pH. and specific conductance.  

The draft permit is currently on public notice as of December 15, 2023. 

Community Engagement  

Community Engagement is an important component of the environmental permitting process that provides DHEC with valuable input from nearby communities and allows us to hear comments, concerns and questions before a final permit decision is made. The input that DHEC staff receives from community members can result in additional review, research and consideration of issues unique to a specific site or facility by DHEC staff. For communities that are impacted by a regulated facility our Community Engagement activities often continue after our formal public comment period closes.   

As part of the permitting process, DHEC engages surrounding communities and the general public prior to making a final permit decision in order to:   

  • Provide information about proposed environmental activities in their communities; 
  • Give community members and other interested parties an opportunity to submit relevant information to DHEC for consideration prior to making a final permit decision;
  • and  Provide an opportunity to bring other concerns to the attention of DHEC and the applicant.   

DHEC values all comments received during the permitting process and is committed to addressing and considering all relevant information prior to making a final permit decision. Public input is an important part of the permitting process and sometimes results in changes to permit conditions and operational practices if a permit is issued.   

Public Hearing (6:30 pm) January 18, 2024

On January 18, 2024, DHEC’s Bureau of Water will hold an in-person public hearing at 6:30 pm to discuss the reissuance of the NPDES permit for SCPSA Winyah Generating Station, SC0022471. The hearing will be held at Sampit Elementary School, 69 Woodland Avenue, Georgetown, SC  29440 in the multi-purpose room. During the hearing, DHEC will accept oral comments on the draft NPDES permit.  Anyone who plans to participate in the public hearing should complete the registration form prior to January 18, 2024. 

A recording of the public hearing and all materials discussed during the hearing will be posted on our webpage prior to the end of the public comment period. If you have questions about participating in the hearing, please contact Byron Amick no later than January 11, 2024 at  (803) 898-4236, or by email at, to receive the hearing materials.

How to Submit Comments   

Written comments will be accepted through January 23, 2024, and should be submitted to:   

Byron Amick 
DHEC | Bureau of Water  
2600 Bull Street  
Columbia, SC 29201  
Phone: (803) 898-4236 

What to Expect After the Public Comment Period    

Comments on the draft permit will be accepted by DHEC through close of business on January 23, 2024. All comments received by the end of the notice period, will be considered when making a decision to approve, disapprove, or modify the permit. Once a final decision is made by DHEC, this webpage will be updated and everyone on DHEC’s mailing list for SCPSA Winyah Generating Station will be notified. If you would like to be on our mailing list, please complete the registration form

Local DHEC Contacts   

To speak with local DHEC staff, please contact our Columbia Environmental Affairs Office at (803) 896‐0620.  

For information on current or previous sites of public interest, visit DHEC's Environmental Sites of Interest webpage.