Seabrook Island Property Owners Association - Critical Area Permit Application

Proposed Project

The purpose of the project is to restore a dry sand beach along an exposed rock revetment to mitigate erosion and restore habitat. The Seabrook Island Property Owners Association proposes to periodically harvest sand from the intertidal beach along an accretional portion of the beach between central Seabrook Island and Captain Sams Inlet, with placement of the harvested sand along the eroded area near the Beach Club. Up to 25 acres of exposed intertidal beach will be utilized to harvest up to a cumulative total of 300,000 cubic yards of sand in three discrete events over the course of five years. All work is proposed to be performed by land-based equipment working between low water and high water along the intertidal beach outside of sea turtle nesting season.

After careful consideration of all comments and information received from concerned citizens and resource agencies, the Department has determined that the permit applied for can comply with the Coastal Zone Management Act, the Department's Critical Area Regulations and Coastal Zone Consistency certification review process. Having made this determination, DHEC OCRM has issued permit 2021-01539. DHEC OCRM appreciates the interest, engagement, and comments received from all of our stakeholders during the environment permitting process.

DHEC OCRM's final permit and coastal zone consistency certification is available below, along with a copy of the Department of the Army/U.S. Army Corps of Engineers permit:

Community Engagement

DHEC OCRM held a virtual public hearing to receive comments on the proposed Seabrook Island Property Owners Association Critical Area Permit on December 6, 2022 at 6:00pm. During the public hearing, DHEC OCRM staff provided a brief summary of the proposed application and accepted verbal comments to be considered prior to making a final decision. Written comments were accepted through close of business (5:00 pm) on December 20, 2022. 

Contact Information