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B2 is a flexible program that can be tailored to meet any school's needs.

Getting Started (Students must be involved in all air quality activities!):

  • Identify a faculty or staff member to coordinate/oversee the B2 program.
  • Enroll to be a B2 School. Check all appropriate air quality activities on the enrollment form to be incorporated into your school’s participation plan. This list will be recorded into the B2 database. Print the activity list in order to keep track of your B2 activities. 
  • Take your initial fall vehicle count before implementing your Anti-idling campaign/program and submit your data. A final spring vehicle count is also required after your campaign/program has been established.
  • Start your campaign by posting the Anti-Idling signs and adopt an Anti-idling policy for all vehicles (including buses, parents, staff, and visitors). DHEC can supply your school with Anti-Idling signs, guidance on creating anti-idling policies, and provide Air Quality Index (AQI) garden flags for schools that participate in the flag program.


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