Environmental Education Videos

Teachers, use our 4 award-winning videos to enhance your environmental education efforts.

The half-hour programs are available upon request as a set on one DVD. They also are available individually (with the exception of "Trashumentary") on DVD or VHS tape in limited quantities.

  • "Earth Today" is a half-hour program that features student anchors and reporters in a network morning news format. The program, based on the "Today Show," NBC's popular morning news program, provides segments on a variety of environmental issues including air and water quality, energy conservation, recycling and litter prevention.
  • Ever visit a landfill? Or a recycling or composting facility? An incinerator? Elementary and middle school students can visit all of these solid waste management facilities without leaving the classroom. "Trashumentary" is a 20-minute program that features visits to each of these facilities with students asking questions to the people who work there. This video is only available on DVD with the "Eco-Jeopardy," "Earth Today" and "DHEC1: Behind the Oil Change" videos.
  • "DHEC1: Behind the Oil Change " chronicles the rise, fall and redemption of an environmentally conscious high school student who is caught illegally dumping used motor oil into a storm drain. This 14-minute program is the centerpiece for the "Green Driver Project."

To receive a copy of these programs on DVD, contact the Office of Solid Waste Reduction and Recycling's Resource Center or call 1-800-768-7348 .

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