Able Contracting Fire Update 08-23-2019

* Friday, August 23, 2019  
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Latest Update

As previously noted, to minimize downstream impacts to waterbodies, the contractor is recycling the fire suppression water to the extent practicable.  While site conditions don't allow all runoff water to be contained, additional steps were taken today at the Able Site to address potential water quality impacts and odor from runoff water leaving the site. Runoff occurs from water applied to the pile for firefighting purposes and through rainfall events.  

  • An air “sparger” has been installed in the drainage ditch next to the site where most of the runoff water exits the site. The air sparger will inject air into the water stream to treat and remove contaminants.
  • Water used to cool debris before transporting the waste to the landfill has been collected and will be disposed at a Beaufort-Jasper Water and Sewer Authority permitted wastewater treatment facility.
  • New equipment has been obtained which allows more targeted firefighting of chimneys and hot spots. This new approach will target the flow of water to the fire so less water will be used resulting in a less amount of runoff water from firefighting.  

Two men by NPEDS - Able 8-23-2019

Smoke forecast for Saturday, August 24, 2019:

Light wind from the south and southwest should persist overnight through the mid-morning hours on Saturday, which should continue to move the Able fire smoke plume generally in a north and northeast direction during that time. Overnight smoke trapping will remain rather minimal, but very light wind speeds may allow smoke concentrations to increase slightly during the overnight to early morning period. During that period, there is a possibility of smoke from the 2500 block of Argent Blvd to the 3300 block of Argent Blvd. After mid-morning on Saturday, ample vertical mixing and/or precipitation should disperse the smoke plume. Please note that locations closest to the Able Contracting Recycling facility along Schinger Avenue are more likely to experience smoke at any given time.

The Able Contracting Information Hotline  has been established to provide the daily forecast and allow community members to leave messages if they have additional questions. The Smoke Forecast Hotline phone number is 803-898-4262 or 1-800‐204-1842.  

Please click here for real-time data from the air sensors.

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