Able Contracting Fire Update 09-09-2019

* Monday, September 9, 2019 
This page will be updated as information becomes available.  

Latest Update

EPA has resumed firefighting and removal operations at the site now that Hurricane Dorian has passed. DHEC is still manning the Smoke Forecast Hotline at 803-898-4262 or 1-800‐204-1842 should you have any questions. Please see the interactive map link to access the current levels of fine particulate matter.

DHEC Particulate Matter (PM) Sensors

DHEC has reinstalled the PM 2.5 sensors in the area around the Able Contracting facility and an additional one is now located in Sun City. The locations of the sensors are shown on the map linked here. The map is interactive, allowing viewers to click on a sensor to see the current concentration. The value is an average of the last 15-minute’s measurements. The AQI chart values are designed for 24-hour averages. Comparing the most recent 15-minute averages to the AQI categories can help you make an informed decision about planned outdoor activities.

Please remember that ambient particulate concentrations are affected by local sources (fires and traffic, etc.) as well as by sources that can be hundreds of miles away. The rise in concentration across the region seen in Monday’s data is likely due to fires in southern Georgia that intensified over the weekend.  Changes in weather patterns will determine how South Carolina Air Quality is affected.

Smoke forecast for Tuesday, September 10, 2019:

A light wind from the southeast direction this evening will likely become rather calm by early morning Tuesday. Overnight smoke trapping will remain rather minimal due to abundant moisture, but light wind speeds may allow smoke concentrations to increase throughout the early morning period, especially if fire flare-ups occur. Before and just after sunrise, there is a possibility of smoke in close proximity to the fire, and any noticeable plume may transport smoke towards the 2000-2500 block of Argent Blvd. Beyond mid-morning on Tuesday, the sun should allow sufficient vertical mixing to disperse the smoke plume so that little if any smoke is noticeable by afternoon. Please note that locations closest to the Able Contracting facility along Schinger Avenue are more likely to experience smoke at any given time.

The Able Contracting Information Hotline  has been established to provide the daily forecast and allow community members to leave messages if they have additional questions. The Smoke Forecast Hotline phone number is 803-898-4262 or 1-800‐204-1842.  

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Stay Informed

This page will be updated regularly as information becomes available.


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