Able Contracting Fire Update 10-29-2019

* Tuesday, October 29, 2019 
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Latest Update

Today had a cloudy start with light rain. There has been a small amount of smoke coming from excavated areas throughout the day. Water has been sprayed continuously and has mostly kept down the smoke and odor. There has been a steady, moderate rain since midday. 

Able 10-29-19

*dump trailer

Today has seen a modified operational strategy in the transport of waste offsite. We’ve used a combination of 11 triaxle dump trucks along with 4 dump trailers. Each dump trailer has the capacity of about three times that of the triaxle dump trucks. 

All DHEC sensors are still reading in the “Good” range for the 24-hour average comparison to the Air Quality Index (AQI).

Please refer to the interactive DHEC map to access real time air quality information from all three DHEC sensors.

Total Trucks through 10/26 5,679
Total Tons through 10/26 46,758
Total Trucks on 10/28 127
Total Tons on 10/28 1,013
Trucks as of 3:00 PM 10/29* 98
Tons as of 3:00 PM 10/29* 713

Please note: The number of trucks leaving the site each day varies depending on the weather and firefighting activities. Also, the tons per truck are estimated on days when landfill receipts are not available at the time of this update.

*Through 3 pm, 57 triaxle dump truck loads and 17 dump trailer loads have transported 834.17 tons of material offsite. A total of 91 loads have left the site, but tonnage is not available for the last 17 loads.

No material was taken off site on Sunday, October 27 because the landfill is closed on Sundays.

Smoke Forecast for Wednesday, October 30, 2019:

Air quality monitoring data in the local area of the fire continues to show particulate concentrations in the "Good" range. The wind direction on Wednesday should be northeasterly early then shift to southeasterly in the afternoon. Thus, if fire flare-ups do occur, smoke plumes will likely move toward the southwest in the morning then towards the northwest during the rest of the day. Any noticeable smoke during the overnight and early morning period will likely dissipate by the late morning hours. However, given the latest trends in fire activity and continued fire suppression efforts, smoke is not expected to be a problem beyond locations closest to the Able Contracting Recycling facility along Schinger Avenue.

The Able Contracting Information Hotline has been established to provide the daily forecast and allow community members to leave messages if they have additional questions. The Smoke Forecast Hotline phone number is 803-898-4262 or 1-800‐204-1842.  

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