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Have you ever placed items in the recycling bin without being certain that they can be recycled?

Don't do it.

"Wishful thinking" can damage your recycling program. Placing items that cannot be recycled with those that can OR placing improperly prepared recyclables results in local governments and recycling processors spending millions of dollars removing non-recyclables (also called contaminants) or disposing of material that could have been recycled.

The Recycle Right SC campaign - a partnership between SC DHEC and PalmettoPride (the state's anti-litter and beautification organization) - was created to: 1) Encourage residents to improve recycling habits and to recycling properly; 2) Educate the public through different media, outreach events and local government collaborations; and 3) Promote the economic and environmental benefits of recycling and waste reduction. Visit to learn more about the importance of recycling and how you can recycle right.

To learn what recyclables are accepted near you, visit Recycle Here SC.