Professional Soil Classifiers

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Contracting with DHEC to perform Site and Soil Evaluations 

DHEC’s Onsite Wastewater Program is now allowing qualified contractors to perform soils evaluations for the issuance of Onsite Wastewater Permits to Construct. The contracting rate will be no more than three times the Department’s permitting fee per site. If you are interested in this program and you meet the qualifications spelled out in Regulation 61-56, Section 102.1 (2)(c), please submit your resume and/or CV and qualifications to David Vaughan, Director of Onsite Wastewater,

When do I need to contact a Professional Soil Classifier? 

*If you hire a Professional Soil Classifier and you've already submitted an application to DHEC, please contact out customer service team at 1-855-731-2504 or by email at

You must contact a Professional Soil Classifier if any of the following scenarios apply to you: 

  1. Your lot has been evaluated by the Department and it will not pass for a conventional septic system. 
  2. Your lot is located within a subdivision consisting of ten or more lots. To learn more about the permitting of subdivisions consisting of ten or more lots, visit our Permits, Licenses, and Reports page. 

You may also contact a PSC to conduct a soil evaluation on your property before submitting an application to the Department. The soil report can then be submitted with the application. This option should reduce the amount of time it takes to process your application. 

You may also contact a PSC if you are in a time crunch and need to expedite the application process. To learn more about expediting the application process, please see the expedited options. 

Where can I find a list of Professional Soil Classifiers (PSCs)?

The SC Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation (SC LLR) licenses PSCs. A list of licensed PSCs can be found by visiting

Forms Used by Professional Soil Classifiers