Radioactive Material Licensing and Compliance

Radioactive Material Licensing and Compliance

DHEC's Division of Radioactive Material Licensing and Compliance is responsible for the licensing and inspection of 400 specific radioactive material licensees and about 400 general licensees and registrants.

South Carolina, as an Agreement State, has entered into a partnership with the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission which allows the State to regulate the use of radioactive material at these facilities. Each licensed facility must use radioactive material in accordance with DHEC Regulation 61-63, Radioactive Materials (Title A), which outlines the regulatory requirements for the possession and use of radioactive materials.

There are 23 categories of licenses ranging from medical institutions to industrial gauges. Radioactive materials are used in the health professions for both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. Industrial uses range from product sterilization to the level and density measurements of various construction materials. DHEC is also responsible for maintaining an Emergency Radiological Assistance Team capable of responding to any incident involving radioactive material.

Regulatory Guides

Licensees and new applicants should reference the following NRC guidance to find renewal/application reference material. Once at this site, identify the particular Volume that applies to your use of radioactive material. Link is below.

Radioactive Materials Regulations (Title A)

License Application

Medical Authorized User and Radiation Safety Officer Training and Preceptor Statement

Generic Communications


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