Spare the Air - Categories

Outstanding Business/Industry
This award recognizes a business that has implemented on-site air quality improvement strategies beyond DHEC regulatory requirements. This could include voluntary emission reductions to an industrial process and/or implementing strategies for employees.

Outstanding Employee(s)
This award recognizes an employee(s) that has successfully organized and/or implemented program(s) on the job to improve air quality through peer education, awareness campaign promotion, training, etc.

Outstanding Local Government
This award recognizes an outstanding local government (county or municipality) that has helped improve air quality in their area through local regulatory actions, policy changes and/or voluntary programs including education and outreach efforts.

Outstanding School or District
This award recognizes a school or district for their efforts to implement or expand an air quality improvement program or campaign through the leadership of faculty, staff, parent(s) or student(s).

Outstanding College or University
This award recognizes a college or university for their efforts to improve air quality on campus and in the surrounding community through voluntary programs including education and outreach efforts.

Outstanding Community Improvement Campaign
This award recognizes efforts of a person, group or organization (civic, environmental, faith-based, nonprofit organizations, communities/neighborhood associations, etc.) that have directly or indirectly addressed a local air quality issue or concern.



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