Residential Demolitions

The demolition of a private residence containing four or fewer units (i.e., single family home, duplex) is exempt unless the following conditions apply:

  • The demolition is part of a larger commercial or public project, such as, but not limited to, highway construction; development of a shopping mall, industrial facility, other private development; or urban renewal, etc.
  • The demolition involves multiple private residences within a compact area ("city block") under the ownership and/or control of a single owner and/or operator. Examples would be a municipality clearing a block of houses for urban renewal purposes or SCDOT clearing a row of houses for a highway-right-of-way project.
  • The residence is part of an installation such as a military facility, university campus, etc.
  • The residence is being burned for fire training.
  • The residence has been used in the past for non-residential purposes.



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