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State and Local Beachfront Management Planning

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The state Beachfront Management Act (S.C. Code Ann. § 48-39-250 et seq ) establishes the statutory guidance and state policies that direct all state beachfront activities and decisions. The Act is implemented through a variety of mechanisms at the state and local levels, including through the State Comprehensive Beachfront Management Plan and Local Comprehensive Beach Management Plans . The Act requires ocean beachfront counties and municipalities to prepare local comprehensive beach management plans in coordination with DHEC-OCRM. These plans must include a minimum of ten specific elements. Once adopted by the community, local comprehensive beach management plans are then submitted to DHEC for review and state approval.

Local comprehensive beach management plans are an important and effective management tool for local governments. These plans provide guidance to state and federal agencies on local policies, regulations, and procedures related to beachfront management. Local comprehensive beach management plans are required to be reviewed by the local government every five years.

Visit the Local Comprehensive Beach Management Plans page for additional information and resources. 

Please Keep off Dunes - Metal Signs

Keep Off Dunes

High quality, UV-resistant metal signs are available for purchase. Bulk discounts may be available. Please contact Adam Bode, DHEC OCRM Coastal Planner, for additional details.

Coastal and Beachfront Public Access

Promoting responsible public access to South Carolina's beaches, rivers and creeks is a cornerstone of the coastal management program. DHEC works with municipalities to establish, maintain and enhance public access points through coordinated planning programs.

Visit the S.C. Beach Guide, an application designed to provide residents and visitors information and directions to public beach access locations and the amenities associated with those locations, and also important beach water quality information for monitoring stations proximate to access locations. 


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