Critical Area Permitting - Amendments

Depending on the extent of the additions, you may qualify for an amendment to an existing, active permit or you may qualify to make an addition under the dock general permit. The general permit authorizes minor additions such as catwalks, roofs on existing pierheads, handrails, utilities, benches, storage boxes, sinks, and mooring piles. If you wish to increase the square footage of a dock, add a floating dock or a floating or fixed boat storage structure, the dock general permit is not applicable and you will need to either modify your existing permit or apply for a new one. To amend a permit, please visit ePermitting to apply online.

Fee Schedule

Permit Type Fee

Minor Permit for private docks with walkways 101' and longer


Minor Permit for private docks with walkways 100' or less

Minor Permit for erosion control structures (non-beachfront) $250
Minor Permit for additions to docks not covered under the general permit (e.g. floating and fixed boat storage structures, floating docks, etc.) $250
Dock General Permit $100
Major Permit $1,000
Minor Permit Transfers and Extensions $25
Major Permit Transfers and Extensions $100
Minor Permit Amendment $100
Major Permit Amendment $1,000