Abandoned and Derelict Vessels

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Abandoned and derelict vessels (ADV) are a chronic problem in our coastal environment. In addition to direct impact on fragile marsh and benthic habitat, ADVs diminish the safe recreational use of our waterways and are a visual blight on the landscape.  DHEC OCRM has worked with federal, state, and local partners on abandoned vessel removal projects across the South Carolina coast.  Vessel removals are often costly and despite such efforts, ADVs continue to be a problem in coastal South Carolina.

South Carolina Pilot Vessel Turn-In Program (VTIP)

With partner and stakeholder input, including feedback from the South Carolina ADV Working Group, DHEC OCRM developed a five-year marine debris strategy, focused on ADV prevention. This strategy, funded through NOAA's Section 309 Coastal Zone Enhancement Program, includes piloting a Vessel Turn-In Program (VTIP) to provide boat owners with a safe, responsible, no-cost option for disposing of ‘end-of-life’ vessels before they become derelict. The strategy also includes piloting a fiberglass vessel hull recycling program as an alternative to landfilling. Lessons learned from these pilot initiatives will be used to examine opportunities for long-term ADV prevention programs in South Carolina.

A pilot Vessel Turn-In event will be held in the Charleston area in Summer of 2024.  

Application Process - DEADLINE EXTENDED to May 3, 2024

Private citizens and businesses within South Carolina’s eight coastal counties are eligible to apply for the South Carolina VTIP. 

  1. Complete the South Carolina VTIP application
  2. You will receive confirmation that your application has been received as well as next steps and timeline.  
  3. If any information on the application changes before receiving your application decision, inform OCRM immediately by emailing chriscj@dhec.sc.gov.

Abandoned and Derelict Vessel (ADV) Working Group

In January 2016, DHEC OCRM convened the Abandoned and Derelict Vessel (ADV) Working Group to examine inter-governmental challenges associated with ADV removal and prevention. The ADV Working Group examined the challenges associated with vessel abandonment and developed recommendations for improved management.  In August 2021, the ADV Working Group was reconvened to provide input on the following:

  • SC Pilot Vessel Turn-In Program
  • Statewide database of abandoned and derelict vessels
  • Opportunities for inter-agency coordination and collaboration

For more information, including ADV Working Group meeting agendas, notes, resources, and presentations, visit the Abandoned and Derelict Vessel Working Group webpage.