SC Watershed Atlas

SCDHEC's Watershed Program role is to help facilitate solutions to water quality issues within the State. The program has traditionally shared extensive water quality information through the published Watershed Water Quality Assessments. The assessments are now replaced by the SC Watershed Atlas.

The application brings 90 layers of the Agency's most current and comprehensive watershed and water quality information into a user-friendly, statewide application. This searchable atlas includes watershed boundaries and descriptions; Bureau of Water permits and advisories; public water supply; water quality monitoring stations and assessments; water classifications; floodplains; National Wetland Inventory; county parcels; National Land Cover Data; Municipal Separate Storm Sewers (MS4s); TMDLs; and more.

A selection of basemaps, measuring and drawing tools, map making and printing capabilities, search choices, and an instructive Help section round out the Atlas.

Find the SC Watershed Atlas online at For questions or feedback on the SC Watershed Atlas, please email:


Information provided in the application is intended to be used for general reference. SCDHEC provides no warranty, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy, reliability or completeness of furnished data.

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