Final Dam Inspection Reports

Below are inspection reports for Class 1, 2, 3, and S1 dams in South Carolina. The dams are organized by Environmental Quality Control office area and classification. All reports listed are from before the 2015 flooding events.

What the dam classifications mean:
C1 - Failure may cause loss of life or serious damage to infrastructure.
C2 - Failure will not likely cause loss of life but may damage infrastructure.
C3 - Failure may cause limited property damage.
S1 - S1 dams don't meet the size criteria to be classified as a C1, 2, or 3, but are still are deemed highly significant due to the potential effects downstream in the event of failure or improper operation of the dam.

The C3 files may contain information not found in the other Class categories as C3 dams underwent a special evaluation beginning in 2011 to assess their classification status.





Aiken Aiken C1 Aiken C2 Aiken C3
Anderson Anderson C1 Anderson C2 Anderson C3
Beaufort N/A Beaufort C2 Beaufort C3
Charleston Charleston C1 Charleston C2 Charleston C3
Columbia Columbia C1 Columbia C2 Columbia C3
Florence Florence C1 Florence C2 Florence C3
Greenville Greenville C1 Greenville C2 Greenville C3 Greenville S1
Greenwood Greenwood C1 Greenwood C2 Greenwood C3 Greenwood S1
Lancaster Lancaster C1 Lancaster C2 Lancaster C3
Myrtle Beach N/A Myrtle Beach C2 Myrtle Beach C3
Orangeburg Orangeburg C1 Orangeburg C2 Orangeburg C3
Spartanburg Spartanburg C1 Spartanburg C2 Spartanburg C3 Spartanburg S1
Sumter Sumter C1 Sumter C2 Sumter C3


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