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SC FitnessGram is a statewide movement to evaluate and improve the health-related fitness among public school students in South Carolina. Participating schools annually collect fitness data of students in grades 2, 5, 8 and high school. The findings from this initiative are used to support programs and policies at the state, community and school levels to improve student health from head to heart. 

SC FitnessGram is partnering with the Healthy Palmetto Leadership Council, the state coalition of organizations that collectively addresses healthy eating, active living, and healthy weight for the Live Healthy SC State Health Improvement Plan. Learn more about Healthy Palmetto and how they are working with SC FitnessGram to prioritize physical activity in schools.

For more information about the SC FitnessGram initiative, contact Breonna Mealing,, (803) 898-1620


State and local data reports are available to assist state partners, communities, school districts, schools, teachers, parents and students with making decisions that enhance physical education and increase daily physical activity opportunities to support students’ health from head to heart. State and community partners who are interested in local data are encouraged to develop partnerships and data sharing agreements with school districts to work together to address the data.

Annual SC FitnessGram State Data Reports

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It takes a healthy village to raise a healthy child. Therefore, it’s up to the adults at the state-level, in communities, at school, and at home to support healthy habits. This includes providing access to healthy, affordable foods; offering physical activity before, during, and after school; providing safe places for play; and educating children about the importance of healthy choices. The stakes are high because if we don’t do better for our children, their health, education, and future employability and overall lives will suffer. Children deserve to be healthy and happy today and tomorrow, and it’s up to us to make that happen.

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