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To continue to provide the critical functions of state government while protecting the health and safety of our employees and the public, we have modified and streamlined our processes. Currently applications and fees are being handled remotely.

To file a Retail Food Establishment application, download and complete an Application & Permit Document (DHEC 1769) and email it to your local Environmental Affairs Office. Please call or email before making an in person visit to our offices as access to offices is limited to protect the health of our staff and customers. Once your application has been received, office personnel will be in contact to confirm receipt of your application and to discuss payment options. We are no longer accepting cash payments. If you have any questions, please call your local Environmental Affairs Office for assistance.

2019 Retail Food Establishment Fees

New retail food establishments and those applying for a change of ownership will need to pay the new initial permit fee of one hundred dollars ($100.00) plus the applicable annual inspection fee, which is based on the anticipated gross sales of food and food products as identified in the table below, at the time the application is submitted. This total fee will never be less than a total of $200.00. The fee shall be paid prior to the issuance of a permit.

Tier Initial Permit
Annual Inspection
Total Application
$0 - $250,000 $100 $100 $200
$250,001 - $500,000 $100 $150 $250
$500,001 - $750,000 $100 $200 $300
$750,001 - $1,000,000 $100 $250 $350
$1,000,001 - $1,250,000 $100 $300 $400
$1,250,001 - $1,500,000 $100 $350 $450
$1,500,001 - $1,750,000 $100 $400 $500
$1,750,001 and above $100 $450 $550

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