Green Purchasing and State Contracts

Environmentally Preferred (Green) Purchasing for State Agencies

Green Purchasing is the procurement of products and services that have a reduced effect on human health and the environment over their life cycle when compared with competing products or services that serve the same purpose.

Buying products made from recovered material supports recycling markets by ensuring that the material collected in recycling programs is used again in the manufacture of new products. The practice also:

•    conserves natural resources;
•    reduces waste disposed of in landfills;
•    minimizes environmental impacts such as pollution
•    eliminates or reduces toxins; and
•    reduces greenhouse gas emissions. 

State government – with all of its purchasing power – has the opportunity to be a key player. 
South Carolina implemented an environmentally preferred purchasing policy in 2009 to assist state agencies and other local governments. Download available below. 

S.C. Environmentally Preferred Purchasing Policy

The S.C. Solid Waste Policy and Management Act of 1991 supports green purchasing with two specific requirements. It: 

  • obliges state agencies and all subdivisions using state funds to procure recycled-content products and material as well as products and material that can be recycled where practicable; and  
  • provides a 7.5 percent price preference for recycled-content products in order to reach a procurement goal for each agency that at least 25 percent of all product purchases contain recycled-content material.

The State Fiscal Accountability Authority (SFAA) provides detailed information and resources on green purchasing for state agencies. 

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is a fundamental resource for green purchasing. The EPA’s Comprehensive Procurement Guideline (CPG) program is part of the agency’s sustainable materials management initiative that promotes a system approach to reducing material use and the associated environmental impacts of the material’s life cycle. A key component of the CPG program is a list of designated products and accompanying recommendations for recovered content. Currently, 61 products are listed in eight categories.

State Contracts on Recycled-Content Products/Green Services

Listed below are state contracts for recycled-content products and recycling/green services:  

Office Supplies & Copy Paper

Vendor: Forms & Supply, Inc.
Telephone: (803) 794-6759 ext. 203
Contract Number: 4400022014
Contract Terms: 10/16/2019 - 4/2/2024

Vendor: Staples Business Advantage
Telephone: (843) 276-2880
Contract Number:  4400022013
Contract Terms:  11/16/2019 - 4/28/2024

Desktop Specialty Paper

Vendor: Athens Paper
Telephone: (704) 598-4003
Contract Number: 44000018853
Contract Terms:  7/2/2018 - 7/1/2023

Toilet Tissue, Paper Towels & Dispensers

Vendor: Dade Paper Company
Telephone: (770) 616-0268
Contract Number: 4400015185
Contract Term: 01/10/2017 - 01/09/2022

Vendor: Southeastern Paper Group
Telephone: (800) 858-7230 ext. 3036
Contract Number: 4400015186
Contract Term: 01/10/2017 - 01/09/2022

Low-Density Trash Can Liners

NOTE: Only low-density liners contain recycled content.

Vendor: Central Poly-Bag Corporation
Telephone: (908) 862-7570
Contract Number: 4400018054
Contract Term: 03/03/2018 - 05/02/2021

Vendor: Calico Industrial Supply LLC
Telephone: (800) 638-0828 ext. 2332
Contract Number: 4400018053
Contract Term: 03/03/2018 - 03/02/2021

Translucent Blue Recycling Can Liners

Vendor: WasteZero Inc.
Telephone: (843) 299-0351 or (919) 322-1226
Contract Number: 4400018055
Contract Term: 03/03/2018 - 05/02/2021


Computer Leasing

Vendor: Presidio Technology Capital, LLC
Telephone: (803) 807-2984
Contract Number: 4400015301
Contract Term: 02/08/2017 - 02/07/2024

Electronics Recycling

Vendor: Intelligent Lifecycle Solutions
Contract Number:  4400025425
Contract Term:  02/01/2021 - 01/31/2026

Document Shredding & Recycling

Vendor: Shred With Us
Telephone: (803) 978-7332
Contract Number:  4400020186
Contract Terms: 12/18/2018 - 12/17/2023

Vendor: Carolina Shred LLC 
Telephone: (866) 747-3387
Contract Number: 4400020185
Contract Terms: 12/18/2018 - 12/17/2023

Used Motor Oil, Oil Filter & Antifreeze Collection & Recycling

Vendor: Diversified Recycling, Inc.
Telephone: (877) 682-0234
Contract Number: 4400013423
Contract Term: 07/11/2016 - 07/10/2021