DHEC Available for Consultation on Rabies

Whether you treat humans or animals, feel free to contact us for guidance, help and information.

  • Our public health physicians are available for routine consultations during normal business hours and for emergency consultations around the clock.
  • Our state veterinarian can answer your questions about rabies and animal health.
  • Our highly trained rabies and disease control staff can walk you through the process we follow in investigating a potential rabies exposure and answer questions about rabies, state rabies law, DHEC's disease surveillance program, the List of Reportable Conditions, and other related topics.

Contact us using the telephone number for the county where the potential rabies exposure occurred. As a backup in emergencies, you can also reach us at (888) 847-0902.

If your patient or client requests assistance in trapping an animal, please tell them to contact the animal control officer or police/sheriff's department in their county (or where the incident occurred). DHEC lacks the authority and funding to provide this service.

Night, Weekend Reporting or Consultation

On nights, weekends or holidays, call (888) 847-0902 and the answering service will route calls to the appropriate DHEC responder.


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