Medicare Provider Emergency Preparedness Information From CMS

Emergency preparedness resources for Medicare providers, including information on how to request 1135 Waivers, Fee-for-Service Emergency Q&As, and general Emergency Provider FAQs.

For potential waiver requests during an applicable event, it is helpful for requestors to clearly state, in any format they choose, information that will address the scope of the issue and the impact of the disaster including the following basic information:

  • Provider Name/Type
  • Full Address (including county/city/town/state)
  • CCN (Medicare provider number)
  • Contact person and his or her contact information for follow-up questions should the Region need additional clarification
  • A brief summary of why the waiver is needed (e.g., CAH is sole community provider without reasonable transfer options at this point during the specified emergent event (such as flooding, tornado, fires, or flu outbreak). CAH needs a waiver to exceed its bed limit by X number of beds for Y days/weeks (be specific).)
  • Consideration - the type of relief you are seeking or regulatory requirements or regulatory reference that the requestor is seeking to be waived.

All 1135 Waiver requests should be submitted to the following email address:


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