Antibiotic Stewardship (ASC-SC)

Because antimicrobial resistance is a growing problem in the United States and worldwide, ways to fight the spread of antimicrobial resistance need to be implemented. Antimicrobial stewardship interventions and programs have been shown to reduce the overall burden of antibiotic resistance as well as to improve patient outcomes and decrease healthcare spending. Antimicrobial stewardship programs encourage judicious use of antimicrobials including optimizing the five s” of antimicrobial prescribing: diagnosis, drug, dose, de-escalation, and duration.

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The Antimicrobial Stewardship Collaborative of South Carolina (ASC-SC) is working to further the cause of promoting stewardship in the state. This collaborative is funded through a CDC grant that DHEC received, and we are partnering with the University of South Carolina School of Medicine and College of Pharmacy to coordinate and improve antimicrobial stewardship across South Carolina.

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