Help for Brain Injury Patients and Families

If you have impairments as a result of a brain injury or seek help for a family member, these South Carolina organizations and agencies may be able to help.*

  • The Brain Injury Alliance of South Carolina offers brain injury information and resources, support groups, prevention materials, awareness events, and statewide conferences and workshops for individuals of all ages with brain injuries, caregivers and the general public. For info, call toll free in SC (877) 824-3228 (TBI-FACT).
  • The SC Vocational Rehabilitation Department provides rehabilitation services for people with disabilities leading to competitive employment. The agency also serves eligible school-age individuals in an effort to support their transition into the competitive work environment. The Brain Injury Program provides services to identify barriers to employment and develop behavior and compensatory strategies to improve their work-related performance. For ages 16 and up. For info, call toll free (800) 832-7526.
  • Brain Injury Navigator is a Web resource for students, families and educators. Each year in South Carolina more than 900 students return to school after sustaining brain injury. Visit this website for information and resources for students, families, and educators concerning brain injury and school re-entry.

*If you need additional assistance finding help, call SC Access at (800) 868-9095.