Improving Early Care and Education Environments

Efforts to improve early care and education environments to support healthy eating and active living 


Early childhood education is one of 14 evidence-based, community-wide interventions identified to address the social determinants of health and improve health and well-being in as few as five years. 


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Health Impact in 5 Years

“Most young children spend time in care outside of their home, making the early care and education setting one of the best places to reach young children with obesity prevention efforts.” 

 - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


  • S.C. Department of Social Services ABC Grow Healthy- ABC Child Care, South Carolina's Quality Improvement System at the S.C. Department of Social Services Division of Early Care and Education, promotes Grow Healthy standards for all child care programs participating in the ABC system. These standards address nutrition and physical activity best practices for child care centers.
  • Move More…It’s in the Cards - Move More…It's In the Cards provides teachers with an easy to use resource for leading children in physical activity. Each card describes an activity that teachers can use to help children meet the daily recommended amount of structured physical activity. This tool can be used to increase the amount and variety of children's movement opportunities and can reinforce concepts being taught in the classroom.
  • The Role and Value of Portable Play Equipment in the Child Care Center - The Role and Value of Portable Play Equipment in the Child Care Center provides a brief explanation on the importance of portable play equipment in the child care setting.​​​​​​
  • Overview of ABC Grow Healthy-  This Center for Training and Research Translation report highlights details of the ABC Grow Healthy initiative led by the SC Department of Health and Environmental Control and the SC Department of Social Services.  
  •  Improving the Nutrition and Physical Activity Environment of ABC Quality Child Care Centers in South Carolina A FIVE YEAR REVIEW 2012-2017- This report highlights changes in ABC Quality Level B+/B child care centers’ compliance with the mandatory nutrition and physical activity standards over a five-year period.