Data and Reports - Oral Health in SC

Data and Reports - Oral Health in S.C.

Monitoring dental care access and oral health status data is important to the people of South Carolina, to public and private oral and primary health care providers, to government agencies, and to those working in oral health prevention. The South Carolina Oral Health Program’s Oral Health Surveillance System is dedicated to:

  • Reporting annual oral health workforce data.
  • Conducting, and reporting the results of, oral health basic screening surveys among specific subpopulations of the state.
  • Reporting annual oral health data provided through Medicaid.
  • Annually updating and tracking public-use data on oral health.

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Reports and Other Data Products

Data Sources

South Carolina Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) - The YRBS has been conducted in South Carolina high schools every other year since 1991, and in middle schools since 2005. Conducted in the spring of odd-numbered years by the SC Department of Education, the surveys are part of a national effort to monitor priority health risk behaviors that contribute markedly to the leading causes of death, disability, and social problems among youth in South Carolina.

S.C. Vital Records Data and Statistics - South Carolina births, fetal deaths, infant mortality, pregnancy, and PRAMS data

South Carolina Central Cancer Registry (SCCCR) - The SCCCR is a population-based data system that collects cancer incidence (newly diagnosed cases) and cancer mortality (deaths) in South Carolina. Data in a central cancer registry are used to study trends in how often cancers occur in a defined area, changes in diagnosis and treatment patterns, and patients' survival rates. SCCCR collects information for oral cancers.  


Bright Futures: The SC Story (pdf)
A report on how South Carolina's Bright Futures program improved the oral health of children statewide

South Carolina Cancer Plan 2022- 2027