Children's Health Assessment Survey (CHAS)

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The Children's Health Assessment Survey (CHAS) is the first survey of its kind in South Carolina to measure the health characteristics of children, ages 0 through 17. This annual survey provides valid and reliable data on health issues of South Carolina children that can be used to monitor child health status and identify priority areas.

Questions pertain to a wide variety of health-related topics, including breast feeding, early childhood development, access to health care, oral health, mental health, physical health, nutrition, physical activity, family involvement and parent opinion on topics such as tobacco and childhood obesity.


To meet the health surveillance needs of South Carolina for children and adolescents from birth through age 17.


  • Monitor the status of child health (ages 0 through 17) and identify child health problems in South Carolina.
  • Measure parents' perspectives on child health issues.
  • Provide accurate and valid data to inform evidence-based decisions, strategies and policies to improve child health.
  • Assess relationships between parent health and child health, and inform family-centered approaches to improve child health.



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