Tips for helping others quit

If someone you know is trying to quit smoking, there's a lot you can do to help. Simply being supportive and available to lend an ear is a big part of the process. Propose activities to keep the person active—and away from things that may trigger or tempt him or her to light up. 1

It's important to remember that quitting is hard; if your loved one slips up along the way, don't criticize his efforts . If he seems to be struggling, continue to encourage him and let him know how much you admire him for his efforts. Recognize and congratulate small milestones, and realize that your loved one may be more irritable than usual. Sometimes the best thing you can be is a sounding board for whenever a bad craving strikes. 1

There are many excellent and effective resources available to assist someone with his or her quit attempt. Encouraging her to speak with her doctor or call a telephone quitting program, such as the S.C. Tobacco Quitline ( 1-800-QUIT-NOW ), can be an important step in helping them decide to Quit for Keeps!

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