Certificate of Need Application (CON)

Applicants wanting to submit a Certificate of Need application may do so in accordance with Regulation 61-15, “Certification of Need of Health Facilities and Services.” It is advised that the applicant read and understand Regulation 61-15 and the current South Carolina Health Plan.

The applicant shall:

  1. Provide two (2) copies, on 8.5” x 11” paper, one side only, 3-hole punched on the left side, of the application.
  2. The $500 non-refundable filing fee must be included.
  3. Tab each attachment that will be incorporated after the document.
  4. Include public notification documentation in accordance with R.61-15, Section 201 as described below.

Reg. 61-15, §201, states,

“Within twenty days prior to submission of an application, the applicant shall publish notification that an application is to be submitted to the Department in the legal section of a daily newspaper serving the area where the project is to be located for three consecutive days. The notification must contain at least the following information:

1) that a Certificate of Need is being applied for;

2) a description of the scope and nature of the project; and

3) the estimated project capital cost.

No application may be accepted for filing by the department unless accompanied by documentation from the newspaper that publication has been made for three consecutive days within the prior twenty day period.”

If you have any questions concerning the CON application, please email coninfo@dhec.sc.gov or call (803) 545-4200.

Applications may be submitted by US Mail or Postal Service to:

S.C. DHEC Healthcare Quality

Certificate of Need Program

2600 Bull Street

Columbia, SC 29201

Or by hand delivery at:

Columbia Mills Building (Co-located with the SC State Museum)

301 Gervais Street

Columbia, SC 29201


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