Report a Fire and Fire Watch Notification

It is required by International Fire Code to notify DHEC Division of Health Facilities Construction (DHFC) fire officials, and local fire officials, anytime fire detection, alarm and extinguishing systems are in an non-operative condition:

901.7 Systems out of service. Where a required fire protection system is out of service, the fire department and the fire code official shall be notified immediately and, where required by the fire code official, the building shall either be evacuated or an approved fire watch shall be provided for all occupants left unprotected by the shut down until the fire protection system has been returned to service.

Where utilized, fire watches shall be provided with at least one approved means for notification of the fire department and their only duty shall be to perform constant patrols of the protected premises and keep watch for fires.

(803) 545-4215 DHFC Office
(803) 545-4370 DHL Office
(803) 545-4212 fax

To report a fire: DHFC shall be notified immediately via telephone or email regarding any fire in the facility and followed by a complete written report to include fire department reports if any, to be submitted within a time frame determined by the facility but not to exceed 72 hours from the occurrence of the fire.

(803) 545-4215 DHFC office - normal operating hours (0830-1700 hrs)
(803) 920-3153 - After Hours/Holiday Emergency Number Only


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