Provider-Wide Exceptions

In the interest of establishing reasonable standards that can be met by providers and yet do not compromise the health and well-being of the patients, residents, and participants cared for in South Carolina licensed facilities, it has been determined that alternative standards will be considered as acceptable. A Provider-Wide Exception (PWE) is the tool that is used to achieve a working relationship between the facility and their regulators. This page also contains Position Statements that give guidance or interpretations of the regulation.

Note: Some Provider-Wide Exceptions pre-date the publishing dates of specific Regulation established by the State Register and may no longer be in effect. In these instances, if there is a conflict between a PWE that pre-dates the publishing date of the regulation, the standard in the regulation shall supercede the PWE.

Affects Multiple Regulations

Abortion Clinics (Regulation 61-12)

Nursing Homes (Regulation 61-17)

Midwives (Regulation 61-24)

Renal Dialysis (Regulation 61-97)

Birthing Centers (Regulation 61-102)

In-Home Care Providers (Regulation 61-122)


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