Indoor Tanning Fees

You Must Pay Yearly Tanning Equipment Fees

In addition to the registration fee, you must also pay a yearly tanning equipment fee of $50 per bed. Tanning bed fees are due every year on July 15*. We will send you a bill (invoice) by mail.

*If your salon first opens for business during the middle of a fiscal year, that first year you will receive a prorated bill based on the amount of time your salon has been in operation.

Late Payment Penalties

If you do not pay the bill for your yearly tanning equipment fees within 60 days of receiving an invoice from DHEC, you will be charged a late penalty of $50 dollars.

If the fees are not paid within 90 days your registration number will be revoked and any activities permitted under the authority of the registration must cease immediately. If applicable, a reinstatement fee of $100 will be required. There is also the potential for unannounced investigations, civil penalties and/or monetary fines of $500 dollars for the first offense.

To protect your business, avoid potential fines for violating the state's tanning regulations .

Also learn more about the federal excise tax on indoor tanning.


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