Register with DHEC - Indoor Tanning

If you are planning to open a new indoor tanning salon in South Carolina, you must first register your equipment with S.C. DHEC's Bureau of Radiological Health. You must be granted a facility registration number before you begin operating your tannning equipment.

Your facility must:

  • Fill out DHEC's Tanning Equipment Registration Form (DHEC Form #0826) (pdf)
  • Mail the completed form to us along with a one-time $50 registration application fee (make checks payable to S.C. DHEC).

    Send the completed registration form and application fee to:

    S.C. DHEC
    Bureau of Radiological Health
    Att: Tanning Regulation
    2600 Bull Street
    Columbia, SC 29201

When we receive your application and $50 registration fee, we will:

  • Stamp it as 'received'
  • Assign your facility a registration number
  • Process your $50 application fee
  • Mail you a copy of the registration form along with your registration number
  • Keep your registration information on file in DHEC's Bureau of Radiological Health.

S.C. Indoor Tanning Equipment Registration Form (DHEC 0826) (pdf)


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