Out of State Practitioners

Requirements for Out-of-State Tattoo Artists

To work as a tattoo artist in South Carolina, an out of state individual must have a current and valid tattoo license or permit from another state that has requirements that meet the minimum requirements of South Carolina's regulation (i.e., age and training or 1,000 or more hours experience during the last 3 years performing tattooing procedures in a licensed or permitted tattoo facility) as confirmed in writing by the license from that state.

Guest Spots at S.C. Conventions, Businesses

Regardless of who will be engaged in tattooing procedures in this state, for whatever length of time, he or she must be in compliance with the training, experience and age regulatory requirements set out in South Carolina's regulations.

Anyone who performs tattoo procedures at a facility is considered a staff member of the tattoo facility and is subject to the same regulatory requirements (e.g., training, experience and age) as any other tattoo facility staff member. The tattoo facility under which the 'guest' is performing tattoo procedures is responsible for the conduct of the individual with regard to compliance.


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