Special Appropriations

On July 1, 2022, Governor Henry McMaster issued Executive Order 2022-19, which directs state agencies to disclose online detailed information about the entities who are receiving appropriations from the FY 2022-23 General Appropriations Act. The governor’s executive order also requires compliance with FY 2022-23 state budget Proviso 117.21, which requires agencies to disclose how the taxpayer funds are spent, prohibits the practice of providing funds in advance to legislators for personal delivery, and requires additional measures designed to increase transparency and accountability.

Before funds can be disbursed

The organization receiving appropriated funds from DHEC is required to submit the following information:

  • A plan of how the state funds will be spent
  • How the expenditures will provide a public benefit
  • A signed agreement with DHEC

Once DHEC receives the Disbursement Request Form, an agreement will be sent to the organization’s contact to be signed. Funds will be disbursed upon receipt of the signed agreement.

After the organization has received the funds

The organization is required to submit the following information:

  • Quarterly spending updates
  • Accounting of how the funds were spent (once all state funds have been expended)

The organization should submit the expenditure information using the Quarterly Expenditure Report Form.

Please submit all forms, additional information, and any questions to Appropriations@dhec.sc.gov

This page will be updated to provide information received by SC DHEC from organizations it contracts with through the state’s budget process.

Entities Receiving Appropriations in FY2023

(per Proviso 118.19)

Organization/Entity & Project

Amount Appropriated

Aynor Stormwater Project $650,000
Catawba Wateree Water Supply Master Plan $500,000
Chester Wastewater Connection to Rock Hill $10,000,000
Clarendon County Abandonment of Wells $82,500
Conestee Dam Emergency Mitigation $3,000,000
EMS Association Recruitment and Retention $1,600,000
Harleyville Sewer Projects $350,000
James Island Watershed Restoration - Pollution Mitigation $1,000,000
New Morning Foundation $1,875,000
Nursing Program Expansion and Retention $2,000,000
Ocean Outfalls - Myrtle Beach $30,000,000
Ocean Outfalls - North Myrtle Beach $10,000,000
Orangeburg - DPU Water Study $10,000
Ridgeway Water Tower Maintenance $100,000
SCBio $200,000
Sumter County Utility System Upgrades $3,700,000
Town of Bluffton water/sewer program $500,000
Town of Honea Path Chiquola Mills Site Remediation $1,000,000
Wachesaw Outfall Project $1,200,000
Windemere Basin Study and Outfall Maintenance $1,500,000
York County - York Upper and Lower Reservoir Dam Remediation $200,000
York County Elevated Storage Tank $400,000
York County Fishing Creek Waste Water Treatment Plant Upgrades $1,500,000
York County Water Line Replacement $1,500,000
York Water Filtration Plant Environmental Remediation $700,000

Updated July 10 2023


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