Stormwater & COVID-19

Construction Stormwater NOIs

To facilitate a reduction in the handling of applications during the COVID-19 Pandemic, DHEC’s Stormwater Permitting Program is allowing for email submittal of NOIs for coverage under the NPDES Construction General Permit. To utilize this pathway, the site seeking coverage must:

Stormwater program staff are evaluating opportunities to expand electronic or email submittal for those sites located outside of MS4s areas. 

Coastal Construction Sites Non-Coastal Construction Sites

Additional Provisions for Coastal Stormwater Construction Sites

Hard Copy Submissions: The Charleston office is now open for deliveries. Boxes are available outside of Suite 300 for drop off for projects located in the eight coastal counties (Berkeley, Charleston, Dorchester, Beaufort, Colleton, Jasper, Horry, and Georgetown). Mailing remains available as well to the following address:

Coastal Stormwater Permitting
1362 McMillan Avenue
Suite 300
Charleston, SC 29405

Digital Submissions: Please use the email addresses below as specified for digital submissions for new projects only. The email accounts are not for any other correspondence. Please do not copy specific stormwater staff on emails addressed to these submission accounts as it will duplicate efforts and consume additional time/resources. These submission accounts are monitored by staff. You will also receive an auto-generated response which will confirm receipt. 

All digital submissions must include a completed fee schedule for payment by credit card. Payment by check requires a hard copy submittal. All electronic documents must be submitted as pdfs.

Construction for NOIs for Projects Located in MS4 Areas Individual Lot NOIs Construction NOIs for Projects Not Located in MS4 

a.    Large files can be provided using ftp sites or similar. Use of drop box and thumb drives are not permissible for security reasons.
b.    Email has a file limitation size of 18 MB. Should more than one email be necessary due to file size, please be sure to send the emails sequentially and not spread out over time.
c.    The electronic submission is a place holder to facilitate delivery. A hard copy submittal must be received within 5 business days of electronic submission or the received date will default to the hard copy submission date.
d.    Project designs must be complete at the time of email submission. If your design is found to be incomplete, the review clock will stop.
e.    This email account will be for use during the COVID-19 pandemic only.

  • Include a transmittal sheet for ANY submission or resubmission identifying submittal contents for administrative staff to facilitate processing for administrative staff.
  • In lieu of providing original signatures for projects located outside of an MS4 area, an email from the applicant to the SWPPP Preparer may be included “signing” the Notice of Intent form. It is recommended that the email from the applicant include the certification statement for the Primary Permittee from Section VI of the Notice of Intent form, as well as project specifics (project name, application type, date) to tie the email to the specific project and application. Include a scanned, signed copy of the Notice of Intent form. The SWPPP Preparer can provide an original signature in the hard copy submission.
  • Lack of payment will stop the review clock. Prompt response to credit card payment pay invites is a required part of the review process.
  • Once a project manager is assigned for your project, direct all email resubmissions to the specified project manager for the project.
  • Please continue to send MS4 approvals directly to the project manager. If a project manager is not assigned or you do not know who the assigned project manager is you may email the MS4 approval to Pam Winkler.
  • DHEC is making an electronic approval process available for the construction stormwater program for use during this pandemic. Please stay tuned.

Small MS4 Annual Reports

The deadline for Small MS4s to submit their annual reports has been extended until June 1, 2020. Each Small MS4 has a “Schedule” in DHEC’s ePermitting system to allow for upload of annual reports.

Instructions for submitting schedules may be found on DHEC’s ePermitting YouTube page:

MS4s having trouble accessing their account, may contact Paul Quattlebaum at