Electronics Recycling: Collector Responsibilities

Responsibilities of Collectors Operating Under a Manufacturer E-Waste Program Plan

Collectors are those who collect covered television devices or computer monitor devices at any program collection site or one-day collection event and prepares them for transport. Multiple entities can participate in the program as a collector, including units of local government, manufacturers, and recyclers.

By November 1 of each year, a Collector must register with the Department if they wish to participate in a Manufacturer E-Waste Program plan. The Department may deny a registration if the collector has a history of poor compliance, carelessness, or incompetence in handling covered devices.

Retail sites agreeing to serve as a program collection site per Section 48-60-56 do not have to register as a collector.

Collectors must adhere to the requirements related to packaging, storing and handling of covered devices, as mandated by Section 48-60-141 of the Act.

Each shipment of covered devices from a program collection site or one-day collection event must include a collector-prepared bill of lading or similar manifest, which describes the origin of the shipment and the number of pallets or bulk containers of covered devices in the shipment.

Registered collectors participating in a county or solid waste authority supervised collection programs may collect a fee for each desktop computer monitor or television accepted for recovering to cover costs for collection and preparation for bulk shipment or to cover costs.

The Act does not prohibit collectors from operating outside of the Manufacturer E-Waste Program Plan. Components of electronic devices that require special handling should be properly managed in a way that complies with federal, state and local laws and regulations.

Email e-register@dhec.sc.gov or call 1-800-768-7348.