X-Ray: File a Complaint

Have you been exposed to unnecessary radiation through an X-ray? Have you been injured or burned while using a tanning bed in a tanning salon/service? Have you witnessed unsafe practices or unsanitary conditions at a tanning facility?

You can file a complaint and/or report an injury to DHEC. We will begin the investigative process to determine if the facility is in compliance with state regulations.

Use this form to:

  • File a complaint or share a concern about an X-ray or tanning facility/service in South Carolina.
  • Alert DHEC to unsanitary or dangerous conditions or practices at an X-ray or tanning facility/service.

Do not use this form:

How DHEC's Complaint Process Works (Please Read):

Step 1

Tell us what you witnessed or why you are concerned by answering the questions on the form below, providing as much detail as possible. Please keep in mind, our relatively small staff receives thousands of complaints each year; some require more time to resolve than others. We base our response to your complaint and the timing of any investigation we do on the information you provide. Without complete, clear information, we may not be able to fully investigate your complaint or take action.

Step 2

We will read your complaint very carefully, and we may talk it over with others on our investigative team. Based on the description/details you provided, we will determine whether or not a regulation or law - one that DHEC has the authority to enforce - appears to have been violated. If so, we will launch an investigation.

Sometimes an understandably upsetting situation described in a complaint does not actually violate a regulation or law. In those cases, there is little we can do.

If we find that your complaint actually falls under another agency's authority or jurisdiction, we will forward the complaint to the appropriate agency.

Step 3

In investigating a complaint, we may review a facility's records, interview staff, customers and witnesses, and observe employees as they work. Based on our findings, we can determine what, if any, corrective actions may be needed.

Fill Out and Submit Complaint by Mail or Fax

Link to fillable, printable X-ray and Tanning Facility Complaint Form (pdf).

Send completed form to:

SC DHEC, Bureau of Radiological Health
2600 Bull Street
Columbia, SC 29201
Fax Number: (803) 545-4412

You can contact us by phone for more information or to speak to aninvestigator; however, all complaints must still be documented in writing.


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