Register an X-Ray Facility

Registration Process: New Facilities

Before your facility can install X-ray equipment, you must first apply for and be granted a Facility Registration Approval from DHEC.

The approval process requires a review of your facility's:

  • Radiation Safety Officer and their qualifications
  • Radiation protection program
  • Shielding plan.

Apply for Facility Registration Approval (FRA)

  • Complete the Facility Registration Approval Request Form (pdf) . (If you represent an out-of-state facility that would like to offer mobile X-ray services in South Carolina, you must file an Out-of-State Facility Registration Form (pdf) .
  • Enclose your shielding plan .
  • If your facility is a mobile facility, also send us your operating schedule.
  • Enclose your application fee of $62.50 and your shielding plan review fee of $62.50 (if applicable to your facility). You may request an invoice to pay these fees electronically. This invoice will be emailed to the address indicated on the application form.
  • You may submit the application and supporting documentation electronically to:
  • Submissions are processed and reviewed on a first come, first serve basis once we have received the complete application, supporting documentation and the application/review fee. Submissions are reviewed in the order in which they are received and deemed complete. The turnaround time for review is 10-15 business days.

Once your facility registration is approved, you must then register your X-Ray machines/equipment within 30 days of the acquisition date.

Your Registration Number

We assign each facility a unique 6-digit registration number in this format: XX-XXXX. The first two numbers indicate the county in which your facility is located. The last four numbers are a unique number assigned to your facility. This number will be provided to you once your FRA has been approved. Equipment cannot be installed until the FRA has been approved and the registration number has been issued to you.

Always reference your registration number in all correspondence with DHEC.


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