International Travel Vaccines

What vaccines are needed for international travel?  

Immunization recommendations vary by country. To find the most up to date recommendations, go to CDC's Travelers' Health website and search by your destination country. In addition, it is recommended that you be up to date with routine immunizations, including the flu vaccine. Talk to your health care provider, pharmacist or local health department about whether you are up to date.  

Where can I get travel vaccines?  

DHEC does not provide travel vaccine clinics. Search an up-to-date list of Yellow Fever Vaccination Clinics in South Carolina. These clinics usually provide other travel vaccines as well.  

**Please note, there is a current shortage of yellow fever vaccine in the United States. Call the Yellow Fever Vaccine Clinics in your area first to see if they have the vaccine in stock. There is an alternative yellow fever vaccine, Stamaril, available at select locations until supply returns.  

For more information about other health-related concerns prior to traveling, go to the CDC’s Traveler’s Health website.

Information for Travel Medicine Clinics:

South Carolina Yellow Fever vaccine providers must receive authorization from DHEC.  

Yellow Fever Vaccine Shortage

Please note, there is a current shortage of yellow fever vaccine in the United States. DHEC will not be processing new provider applications until notice of a return of vaccine supply. For questions or to be added to our provider contact list, please email, or call the DHEC Immunization Division at 803-898-0460.

Yellow Fever Vaccine Access

Select sites are providing the alternative yellow fever vaccine, Stamaril. A list of Stamaril yellow fever vaccination clinics are available on the CDC website.

Clinical Resources

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