Vaccinate Dogs, Cats, Ferrets

If you own a dog, cat or ferret, you're required by South Carolina's rabies law to keep your animal's rabies shot up to date. This usually means a once-a-year vaccine, but veterinarians also offer multi-year vaccines for cats and dogs that offer good protection and satisfy the legal requirement.

Your veterinarian or veterinary technician can administer the vaccine, or you can take advantage of the yearly rabies vaccination clinics DHEC sponsors with local veterinarians, usually in the spring.

Some animal rescue groups and veterinarians also offer lower-cost vaccination clinics throughout the year. Find a rabies clinic.

Certificate Needed for Out-of-State Travel

If you take a pet dog, cat, ferret or horse out of South Carolina, make sure to take along your animal's Rabies Vaccination Certificate. While horses are not required by S.C. law to be vaccinated for rabies in state, federal regulations do require the vaccine for out-of-state travel.

You'll receive your pet's rabies certificate, along with a rabies tag for your pet's collar, when your animal is vaccinated.

Always keep your pet's rabies tag on its collar. And keep the rabies certificate in a safe place.



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