HIV PrEP Counseling Center

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What is the PrEP Counseling Center?

  • The PrEP Counseling Center is a virtual environment where clients who are prescribed PrEP in the Upstate Health Department clinics can receive comprehensive PrEP counseling.
  • PrEP Sessions include "Sexual Risk Reduction", "Medication Adherence & Persistence", "STI Prevention", and "Provider Communication".
  • Clients are also able to schedule an individual PrEP counseling session with a Certified PrEP Provider.

Who Can Utilize the PrEP Counseling Center?

  • Clients prescribed PrEP from a DHEC Health Department Clinic.

PrEP Counseling Sessions

Request Individual PrEP Counseling

  • Request an individual 1:1 PrEP Counseling session by emailing us at
  • Please do not include any personal medical information in your inquiry.

PrEP Resources & Links

National PrEP Locator

DHEC PrEP Webpage


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