National Infant Formula Shortage

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Abbott Nutrition is addressing the formula shortage by sending families one case (6 cans) of Elecare or Elecare Jr. formula with expedited shipping, free of charge. Cases will ship starting June 20 and you will get an email once it ships. The formula will arrive within 48 hours after shipping.

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Current situation

  • There is a national shortage of infant formula. 
  • The United Kingdom’s Kendamil company will soon send three types of routine formula to the U.S. to assist with the shortage. These formulas include Classic First Infant Milk Stage 1, Organic First Infant Milk Stage 1, and Goat First Infant Milk Stage 1
  • These formulas should arrive in June, and the USDA is currently deciding if the formulas will be approved for use through WIC and other nutrition assistance programs. 
  • Details about the distribution of formula have not yet been provided, but Kendamil has created a website for consumers to receive updates and locate products once they arrive in the U.S. Residents can also visit this HHS webpage to find formula options. 
  • If you need help finding formula, call your healthcare provider first to help you choose a safe and healthy formula. 
  • Do NOT dilute or make homemade formula as this can seriously harm your baby's health
  • Do not feed your baby cow’s milk or other non-dairy milks until 1 year old, unless you’ve talked to your child’s pediatrician. 
  • Please note that babies do okay on other infant formulas except babies who need a special formula. That's why you should talk to a healthcare provider before you make a formula switch. 

Families across the nation are feeling the impact of the infant formula shortage. The purpose of this webpage is to provide the latest information about the shortage and connect South Carolina families in need of formula to helpful resources. 

Parents and caregivers 

If you are having difficulty finding formula, you can:

  • Contact local stores to check the availability of baby formula.
  • Call your healthcare provider before making a formula change and see if they have any in-office samples or can suggest a similar formula.
  • Visit this HHS webpage to find formula options. 
  • Do not use watered down, homemade, or toddler formula. These can harm your baby’s health.Try another brand of formula, if available. Babies do okay on other formulas except babies who need a special formula. That's why you should talk to a healthcare provider before you make a formula switch.
  • Reach out to your local Women, Infants and Children (WIC) office if you are a current WIC participant or are eligible for WIC.

Please note: Only medical professionals are qualified to provide advice on acceptable alternatives to formulas that may currently be difficult to find. The American Academy of Pediatrics offers tips for parents and caregivers who are struggling to find baby formula during the shortage. 

DHEC will update this page as new information is available.

Last updated: May 26, 2022


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