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EMT candidates who successfully complete a South Carolina-approved EMT Education course that uses the National EMS Education Standards developed by NHTSA; successfully pass the National Registry EMT-Education Requirements, and receive subsequent South Carolina certification as an EMT, are authorized to perform the following skilled activities (all skills can be used on adult, child, and infant patients unless otherwise stated”). For more detailed information for EMT, AEMT, and Paramedic education requirements, click the links below.

Frequently Asked Questions - Obtaining an EMT Certification in South Carolina

Q. How do I apply for an Initial or Reciprocity South Carolina Certification?   
A.  All certifications must have, at a minimum, a criminal background check, BLS card for EMTs or ALS card for Paramedics and National Registry. Click the link provided for the pathway to certification. https://www.scemsportal.org/certifications/Certification-Detail?recordID=204
Q. How do I apply for a background check?   
A.  For In-State Criminal Background Checks, visit IdentoGO (ibtfingerprint.com)
For Out-of-State Criminal Background Checks, download the non-resident instructions.  
*Please note, the Department will accept applications up to 180 days (or 6 months) prior to expiration without penalty.

Criminal Background Check Privacy Rights :

Q. When should I apply for recertification?   
A.  You should apply for recertification at a minimum of 30 days prior to your certification's expiration date. Please note, it is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that their required documentation is submitted timely.  
Q. How long is the certification process overall?   
A.  The process typically takes 7-10 business days to complete. Please note, this is contingent upon receiving all the required documents and is also based upon the order in which your application was received by our department.  
Q. How do I submit a request for legal verification of my SC license to another state if I relocate?   
A.  You must complete that state's legal verification form and submit it via email form to emscertifications@dhec.sc.gov and include your current contact information.  

Q. How can an employer verify my SC Certification?   
A.  Certification Verifications can be publicly viewed utilizing the public lookup feature on the LMS site.
Q. How do I find EMS Courses:   
A. To find EMT courses, visit the LMS public portal and click the trainings tab. Typically, EMT courses are offered at local community colleges. Students who successfully complete the EMT courses will be eligible to take the National Registry examination.  

Q. What CPR credentials does DHEC accept? or What CPR credentials do I need to recertify?
A.  The Bureau of EMS does not accept online-only courses and/or courses without a hands-on skills evaluation. Please click the following link for details:

BLS ACLS Recertification Requirements

Criminal Background Checks

For additional information, contact the DHEC Bureau of EMS and Trauma at (803) 545-4204.


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