Laboratory Safety (PHL)

Hayne Building Office of Health and Safety

The Hayne Building Office of Health and Safety serves to promote safe work practices and a healthy work environment, primarily for staff and visitors within the Hayne Building, but also for DHEC as a wider agency.

The Office of Health and Safety primarily manages a multi-disciplinary laboratory safety and regulatory compliance program covering a wide range of hazards and topics, including; general industry safety, general occupational health, respiratory protection, risk assessment, infection control, biological containment, biological security, chemical hygiene, hazard communication, radiation safety, hazardous waste management, and hazardous materials transportation.

Sentinel Laboratory Training

In support of public health preparedness efforts, the Office of Health and Safety also provides training and consultation services in collaboration with staff from our Special Pathogens Laboratory to South Carolina Sentinel Laboratories.

Trainings available include:

  • Conducting Laboratory Risk Assessments
  • PPE Selection and Use (with practical exercises)
  • Biosafety for the Clinical Laboratories
  • Select Agent Regulations for Clinical Laboratories
  • Shipping Infectious Substances
  • Sentinel Laboratory Procedures for Detecting Agents of Bioterrorism

For additional information regarding these programs or services, please call 803-896-0956 Monday through Friday during normal business hours (8:30AM- 4:40PM)

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