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News Releases

DHEC Launches New Key Indicators Dashboard; Latest COVID-19 Update (October 23, 2020)

October 23, 2020


COLUMBIA, S.C. — Today, the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) launched a new Key Indicators dashboard accessible from the main COVID-19 webpage

These key indicators provide an at-a-glance view of several important data elements used to assess measures of impact from COVID-19 in South Carolina, including information for the current day, previous day, and previous 14 days. The data elements represented in the dashboard include:

  • Rate of cases per 100,000
  • Rate of tests per 100,000
  • Percent positive
  • Deaths by date
  • Hospitalizations 
  • ICU hospitalizations
  • COVID-19 patients

It's important to note that one of these data elements should not be viewed as more important than another; instead these elements should be viewed together as a whole to provide an overview of South Carolina trends. For more detailed information at  the county level, continue to visit DHEC's county-level dashboard page.

Latest COVID-19 Update (October 23, 2020)

Today, DHEC announced 784 new confirmed cases and 83 new probable cases of the novel coronavirus COVID-19, 18 additional confirmed deaths and 5 new probable deaths.

This brings the total number of confirmed cases to 161,235, probable cases to 7,314, confirmed deaths to 3,545, and 232 probable deaths.

Confirmed and probable cases: please click here.
Confirmed and probable deaths: please click here.

Who Should Get Tested? 
If you are out and about in the community, around others, or not able to socially distance or wear a mask, we recommend that you get tested at least once a month.

Routine testing allows public health workers to diagnose those who are asymptomatic and interrupt the ongoing spread of the virus. Learn more about who should get tested here.

403 Testing Opportunities Available Statewide
Testing for COVID-19 is essential because it helps identify people who are infected with the virus, whether they have symptoms or not.

DHEC is working with community partners to set up mobile testing clinics and make testing available in communities across the state. Currently, there are 111 mobile testing events scheduled through December 23 and there are 292 permanent COVID-19 testing facilities across the state. Find a testing clinic or event near you at

Testing in South Carolina
As of yesterday, a total of 1,838,134 tests have been conducted in the state. See a detailed breakdown of tests in South Carolina on the Data and Projections webpage. DHEC’s Public Health Laboratory is operating extended hours and is testing specimens seven days a week, and the Public Health Laboratory’s current timeframe for providing results to health care providers is 24-48 hours.

Percent Positive
The total number of individual test results reported to DHEC yesterday statewide was 6,398 (not including antibody tests) and the percent positive was 12.3%.

Hospital Bed Occupancy
Hospitals report their information each day to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services by way of TeleTracking, and that same reporting is also provided to DHEC. Click here to view data from today's TeleTracking report.

COVID-19 Information
For the latest information related to COVID-19 visit Visit for stress, anxiety and mental health resources from the S.C. Department of Mental Health.

*As new information is provided to DHEC, some changes in previously reported data may occur. DHEC’s COVID-19 online data will adjust to reflect any new information in order to have the data and information be as current and accurate as possible at any given time.




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