Make a List to Help Us Help You

Before you meet with our staff, write out responses to as many of the following questions as you can and bring the list of answers with you to the meeting. Pulling this information together ahead of time will help you get the most out of the meeting and speed up the permitting process.

When you meet with us, bring along your consultant if you've hired one. A consultant can help you pull together the info you'll need to provide

General Questions

Write down:

  • The county (or counties) where your business or activity will be located
  • A list of equipment you will use in your business, along with manufacturer specs for the equipment.
  • A description of your work processes and process diagrams if you have them
  • A list of the raw materials (including feedstock, if agricultural) you will use in your business/activity.

Answer These Questions:


  • Will you discharge domestic wastewater (from sinks, toilets, showers/baths, laundry) by tying into a public utility, building a septic tank, or discharging the waste to a body of water such as a stream or lake?
  • If your business will be discharging industrial wastewater, which will you depend on?
    • Public utility
    • Stream, lake or other body of water
    • Sprayfield, land application or other method.
  • About how many gallons of industrial wastewater will your business/activity discharge per month?
  • Do you plan to treat the wastewater prior to discharge?
  • What contaminants will be in your industrial wastewater?
  • What is your source of drinking water?
    • Public utility
    • Well
    • Lakes, rivers, streams or other body of water
  • What will be the source of the water you will use in your business/activity operations?
    • Public utility
    • Well (how much in gallons per month?)
    • Surface water (how much in gallons per month?)

Air Pollution

  • What fuels or other materials will you be burning?

If your business activity will create air pollution (air emissions), about how many tons per year of the following will you generate:


  • What types of wastes will you generate?