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Thank you for visiting the South Carolina tracking program site. We hope you find the material both informational and helpful. In 2020, the Census Bureau named South Carolina as the 10th fastest growing state in the country, with a population increase of 10.7% from 2010 to 2020. South Carolina's current population is estimated at 5, 218,040 with 27.0 % being non-Hispanic Black, 6.1 % Hispanic/Latino and 32.4% living in rural areas.

South Carolina has a unique climate and geography that makes it prone to annual snowfall,  wildfires, extreme heat, severe storms, coastal and inland flooding, tornadoes and hurricanes. Having a tracking program makes it easier to track, study and monitor linkages between exposures and health effects related to environmental hazards. Our mission is to offer useful and updated data and information to promote public health action while giving special attention to vulnerable populations.

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