Surface Water Stakeholder Workgroup


DHEC has been directed to develop regulations and guidance on Surface Water Quantity Withdrawals. After a 10 year review of the Surface Water Withdrawal, Permitting, Use and Reporting Act [49-4-10] and Regulation 61-119, DHEC issued a Notice of Drafting on August 27, 2021 and invited a diverse group of stakeholders to provide information and recommendations on these issues. The activities and recommendations of the surface water workgroup will be published to the public and reported to the legislature upon the end of the review.

In monthly meetings, the stakeholder workgroup will discuss how to improve the regulation and management of surface water in SC by maximizing resource availability, promoting sustainability, and serving as a regulatory framework to support basin planning. Summaries and presentations will be added to this page following each meeting with the opportunity to make comments via an online form or email to

Infographic that describes the possible timeline for the workgroup

Meeting Schedule


Leigh Anne Monroe at (803) 898-2415 

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